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Rick Roussin
Managing Member

Rick is a results-driven CMO with 30 years of experience building multi-million dollar corporations from scratch by increasing company sales through recruiting, training, and acquisitions.

A strategic thinker with sales, finance, and operations expertise. A proven leader with high ethics and integrity specializing in negotiation, motivation, coaching, and personal growth with the ability to always find the good in every situation.  

Nady Roussin
Managing Member

Nady has a diversified and extensive background in wholesale lending, real estate investing, and sales. Besides being a licensed real estate broker in California, over the last 18 years, she has been directly involved in mortgage banking. Currently, she is involved with REO's, short sales, investment properties, and ground-up developments. She is a master negotiator and has been able to place investors into creative investment opportunities that return significantly higher than average market returns.

Safora Nowrouzi
Managing Partner 
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